• When will new colors and styles arrive?
    We randomly added new colors/patterns to the site which typically happens once a month on. Join Knots 4 Babes Facebook VIP page to keep updated with the latest info. 

  • What is TAT stand for? 

TAT stands for Turn Around Time. Our turn around time is currently 3-5 business days for knot and bow orders only. Clothing TAT is 14-20 business days. This means that after your order is placed, your package will be mailed out within the stated time frame. Once an order has processed, delivery time can vary from 2-5 days depending on location. Please check email for USPS tracking details.

This time frame is subject to change. If changes occur to the TAT, the Knots4Babes Facebook VIP and Instagram will be updated.

I will always try my best to have your items shipped to you ASAP! :)


  • What size should I get? 

We carry five different sizes of headwraps that range from 13” to 21”. We recommend that the child’s head be measured to ensure you find the most comfortable fit. Below is a list of our sizes for Rose Knots, Top Knots, & Headwraps: 

    • Newborn- fits 13”-15”
    • Infant- fits 15”-17”
    • Toddler- fits 17”-19”
    • Child fits- 18”-20”
    • Adults- fits 19”-21”
*NYLONS: ONE SIZE fits all.

For clothing please see individual sizing chart on item description

For additional inquiries please e-mail knots4babes@gmail.com